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Participate in the Ministries of Friends United Meeting

Friends United Meeting Quaker TeensFriends United Meeting is made up of its members around the world, from East Africa to North America, Palestine and the Caribbean. Friends United Meeting has a small staff based in our central offices in Kisumu, Kenya and Richmond, Indiana, that work to support the overall mission and ministry of the whole association, but this small group of full-time workers can accomplish very little without the cooperation and support of the whole body. Are there ways that God is calling you to get involved in the work of Friends United Meeting? There are as many ways to get involved as there are people. Here are a few of them:

Write for Quaker Life

Quaker Life magazine brings together voices from across our worldwide fellowship and is a practical source of mutual support and encouragement for Friends who might otherwise have no experience of Quakers outside of their own region. Has the Spirit gifted you with a passion for the written word? Might now be the time to contribute your passion and creativity to the pages of Quaker Life?

Another important way to participate in Quaker Life is to serve as a congregational liaison. Because of Quaker Life’s role as a sort of “connective tissue” that binds together Friends across continents and cultures, it is vital that the magazine reflect what is actually happening in our fellowships at a local level. Congregational liaisons communicate two ways, relating the local stories and concerns of Friends in their home congregation and yearly meeting, as well as serving as a bridge between the wider fellowship of FUM and their local community. Is this connecting work something that you feel a drawing to?

Email Quaker Life’s editor to learn more.

Empower Youth and Young Adults

In recent years, Friends United Meeting has begun to take a more active role in equipping younger Friends for Christian service. FUM was a partner in planning the Young Adult Friends Gathering of 2008, and two years later FUM hosted a conference for emerging leaders. As we look forward to 2013, we are considering ways to draw together young adults from across our international fellowship, creating opportunities for mutual support, education and mentoring as we seek to walk together in the way of Jesus.

Are you a younger Friend? Do you have a passion for nurturing and supporting the gifts that God is giving the Church through our younger members? To learn more about how you can participate in the visioning and planning process, contact Terri Johns

Participate in Missions

Even if you are not able to get away from home for any long period, there are many who could use your support as they undertake this type of service. A great way to get involved in the work of mission is to serve as a support person for FUM field staff. Is this a way that God might be calling you to get involved? Friends United Meeting offers an abundance of opportunities for both short- and long-term missions work. From Cuba to Alabama, from Oklahoma to Kenya, the possibilities for service are almost endless. Whether you have a week, a month, or a year, the worldwide fellowship of Friends United Meeting invites you to follow God’s leading and join us in Christ’s ministry of healing the world.

To learn more about opportunities for service, or to provide support for those already in the mission field, contact Terri Johns.