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Friends in Cuba

Christ’s message resonates powerfully in Cuba, a country with shortages of everything but sugarcane, where daily life requires discomforts beyond the experience of most North American Friends. Cuba is experiencing a renaissance of Christian faith, and Cuban Quakers are sharing the good news that they have discovered in the living presence of Jesus Christ. In this context of religious rebirth and renewal, the Quaker message of “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Col 1:27) is taking root and growing throughout this island nation.

How Can I Get Involved?


There are a variety of ways that you can participate in the life of Friends in Cuba. A good place to start is with prayer. Friends in Cuba need your prayers for:

  • * The Holy Spirit to empower Friends in Cuba to preach the good news of Jesus Christ with boldness and power.

  • * The material needs of local churches and families.

  • * Religious freedom in Cuba.

Participate in the 40 Days of Prayer for the future of Friends.


Although US law prohibits direct donations by US citizens to Friends in Cuba, FUM has a license from the US Treasury Department to send U.S. dollars to Cuba Yearly Meeting. One of the most pressing financial needs for Cuban Friends is support in repairing and constructing new meetinghouses. Under Cuban law, church construction can only be paid for in US dollars, which makes foreign donations essential for the material needs of the body of Christ in Cuba.

Donate now to support the work of Friends in Cuba.


In addition to financial giving, Friends in Cuba love to receive visitors. For a variety of reasons – from their island location to historical travel restrictions imposed by the United States – Friends in Cuba are relatively isolated from the worldwide body of Christ. In this context, visits from foreign Friends can be greatly encouraging. Are you interested in visiting among Friends in Cuba? Friends United Meeting sponsors regular religious visits to the island, which are exempt from US travel bans.

January 20th-February 1st, 2014, FUM will be sponsoring a work team to Cuba. Interested in serving among Friends in Cuba? Get details here!

Friends in Cuba benefit greatly when churches sponsor work teams or send individuals to be on a work team in Cuba. Meetinghouse repair and construction is a great need in Cuba, and Cuba Yearly Meeting would be blessed to receive volunteers from abroad. FUM sponsors regular work teams from North America to Cuba.

Learn more about visiting and serving among Friends in Cuba.