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Friends in North America

North America is the historical homeland of FUM, and the effort of North American missionaries was decisive in bringing the Friends understanding of the gospel to areas a diverse as East Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. Today, the Body of Christ in the United States and Canada is experiencing numerical decline and a financial crisis that has sapped much of the prosperity that once defined this continent. As a new century dawns, Friends in North America look to our Lord Jesus Christ to deliver us from the snares of materialism and despair, gathering us once again as his people.

Friends in North America collaborate on a variety of projects, including:

Developing Young Adult Leadership

In the wake of the World Gathering of Young Friends in 2005, North American Friends have witnessed a resurgence of activity among Quakers in their late teens and twenties. As a new generation of bold disciples emerges, Friends United Meeting is committed to partnering with Young Adult Friends – providing opportunities for service, worship, education and training to release the spiritual gifts that God is activating in the Millennial generation. Together as Christ’s body, we look for ways that each person’s gifts can be freely exercised to build up the life of God’s community, and the wider world in which we serve.

Triennial Gatherings

Once every three years, Friends United Meeting gathers to re-affirm our commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ and to one another in him. In these days of shared prayer, celebration and fellowship, we are reminded what it means to be a worldwide fellowship of Friends. The next Triennial sessions are being planned for the summer of 2014, to be hosted by Indiana Yearly Meeting.

How Can I Get Involved?


There are a variety of ways that you can participate in the ministry of Friends in North America. A good place to start is with prayer. Friends in North America need your prayers that:

  • * The Holy Spirit will gather us together, healing past wounds and divisions and knitting us together in the bond of peace.
  • * God will raise up a new generation of Spirit-led ministers and elders who can proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and invite others into fellowships where he is known, loved and obeyed as Teacher and Lord.
  • * The Church in North America will be able to look past challenges of finances and numbers to see the places where Jesus is already at work, calling us into his ministry of reconciliation and love.


Because Friends United Meeting was founded primarily as an organization geared towards foreign missions, the needs of North American ministries have often gotten the short end of the stick. However, now more than ever we are sensing God’s call to be a missionary presence here in the historical homeland of Friends United Meeting. This work of gospel ministry in the cities, towns and countryside of North America will require great endurance and faith on the part of North American Friends. It will also take a commitment in the form of financial resources.

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The Good News of Jesus is liberation for the poor and oppressed, release to the captive and recovery of sight to the blind. This is good news for everyone, and we all have a part to play. How might Christ be calling you into a life of love and compassionate service as a part of Friends United Meeting?

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