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Friends in Belize

The Friends Boys School is currently the primary ministry of Friends United Meeting in Belize.  Founded by Friends in the 1970s, the school provides boys who did not pass their eighth grade exam with the opportunity to take another year of study and retake the exam. The school has had great success in producing high school graduates. Some alumni have gone on to attend university.

Sam and Becky Barber of Iowa Yearly Meeting, have served as principals of the Friends School since 2009. Under the Barbers' care, the school has grown and adapted to meet the evolving needs of the surrounding community. Belize Friends Boys School now accepts girls, and it also recognizes that some of its students may need more than one year of study to pass the exam.

The school enjoys an excellent working relationship with the Belizean Ministry of Education and is gaining a wider reputation in Belize City. In addition, there is an emerging vision of planting a new Friends worship group with the school community as the focus.

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Belize Friends School

Belize History

Belize Friends Boys School is an outgrowth of a ministry begun by Ms. Sadie Vernon in the 1970s. Sadie had a vision for the youth on the south side of Belize City, Belize, which included a chance at continuing their education. Mike and Kay Cain of Indiana Yearly Meeting went to Belize to help Sadie and ended up serving over…

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2011 Highlights and 2012 Hopes for Belize Friends School

By Sam Barber, Belize Friends School co-principal Let’s first review a few highlights from 2011. In March we had a group visit from College Avenue Friends, Iowa. They painted the fence, built new stairs and a landing and held an optometric clinic at the school. Later in March a group came from Bethel Friends, Indiana. They painted the upstairs classroom,…

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Summer Mission Project

Pennies for Postage, Bikes for Boys in Belize, Water of Life, Kids for Kids … these have been FUM’s Summer Mission Projects for the past four years and you have made each project a success! Nearly 2,000 pounds of books were shipped internationally with the $7,000 you raised for Pennies for Postage. With the $17,000 you raised for Bikes for…

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