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Global Ministries of Friends United Meeting

Friends United Meeting includes 30 yearly meetings (regional associations) of Friends, along with several smaller groups, local meetings (churches) and affiliated organizations. We cooperate in cross-cultural missions and cooperative ventures, coordinating across yearly meetings through offices in Richmond, Indiana (USA) and Kisumu (Kenya).

Spread across several continents, the Global Ministries of Friends United Meeting seeks to support the worldwide Body of Christ in its local and regional ministries. Through financial support, human ingenuity and open communication, Friends United Meeting is energizing and equipping Friends to live into the calling and gifts we have received from the Holy Spirit.

Friends United Meeting currently operates in five global regions: Belize, Cuba, East Africa, North America and Palestine. Click the links to the right to get more information about each of our mission areas, as well as our field staff who operate there. View below to find the latest updates from across our worldwide community!

Stories of Faith and Peacemaking

Panelists: Getry Agizah: Friends Church Peace Teams, Kenya Theo Stitther: Friends Committee on National Legislation Ross Hennessy: Acting director of the Quaker Voluntary Service Odalys Hernandez Cruz: Presiding clerk of Cuba Yearly Meeting Candido Quelvys Fernandez Perez: Pastor & student of Cuba Peace Institute Karla Moran: Translator Getry: Friends, I greet you in the Light of God. I promised myself…

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Turkana Friends Mission Update: August 2014

Turkana Friends Mission (TFM) was founded in the northwest corner of Kenya in order to create Christian communities for outreach, discipleship, education, peace, integrity and sustainability. Our mission’s goal is to reach, equip and energize these communities spiritually, mentally and physically. Three new churches have been established in the last few months, in the villages of Lolim, Naringelup and Kaituko….

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21 Day #wafulachallenge FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You have questions? We have answers! 1. What do you mean by “fully-funded”? Does that mean you already have everything in hand and I should direct the rest of my pledge elsewhere? We’re asking people to make three-year pledges, and we’re counting the full value of those pledges as support raised. That means that when Robert leaves for Kenya, we…

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Ministry Update from Lon Fendall

Dear Friends, Recently it was my privilege to be a part of the Friends United Meeting (FUM) Triennial in Marion, Indiana. The presentations by Richard Foster and James Bryan Smith were wonderfully inspiring, the workshops were great and the fellowship around the meal times allowed us to process all that was going on. My role at the Triennial was to…

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Cuba Work Team – January/February 2015

Visit and work among Friends Meetings in eastern Cuba, particularly in Holguin and Gibara at sites where Cuban Friends meet for camp, yearly meeting sessions and pastoral training. Some stamina is required for unskilled construction tasks, travel, longer walks and multiple church gatherings. Dates: Last week of January through first week of February (exact dates determined on flight schedule from…

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Video: “Today, God Sent Me To Bring Peace…”

Sammy Letoole, Director of the Samburu Friends Mission, arrived in Baragoi, Kenya, in the middle of the Turkana settlement, a tribe in conflict with his own Samburu tribe. Surrounded, he believed they thought him a spy. Letoole shared with confidence, the words on his heart. “Today, God sent me to bring peace… The work of the church is to initiate…

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Help us color in these books!

Update on Robert Wafula Support Raising

Help us color this tower of books! At the conclusion of Triennials, the monthly pledge total for Robert Wafula’s ministry account was at $1400, that’s $4800 less than is needed. It would be a great encouragement to students and faculty at Friends Theological College if Robert could be there at the beginning of the school year in late August. Can…

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Update Letter from Robert and Nancy Wafula

Dear Friends, Greetings. I hope this letter finds you doing fine. We feel incredibly honored to have you and your family investing in us to commence our ministry at Friends Theological College, Kenya. We still have a long way to go. As you pray for us, we would like to keep you in the picture of what has been happening…

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Visit and Celebrate with Cuba Yearly Meeting

Join Friends in Cuba in celebration of Cuba YM’s founding Visit among Friends Meetings in eastern Cuba and celebrate the founding of Cuba Yearly Meeting. This week with Cuba Yearly Meeting will provide an opportunity to be immersed in the rhythm and hum of Quaker worship in the sanctuary and on the street. The WORK of this group will be…

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FUM News In Brief – July/August 2014

Update on Kaimosi Hospital Friends United Meeting entered into a temporary arrangement with East Africa Yearly Meeting eight years ago to restore Friends Hospital Kaimosi from the brink of collapse. The hospital’s situation was dire, and Friends around the world answered the call with an outpouring of prayer, volunteer time and financial resources. Under FUM’s leadership, the hospital became financially…

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