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Global Ministries of Friends United Meeting

Friends United Meeting includes 30 yearly meetings (regional associations) of Friends, along with several smaller groups, local meetings (churches) and affiliated organizations. We cooperate in cross-cultural missions and cooperative ventures, coordinating across yearly meetings through offices in Richmond, Indiana (USA) and Kisumu (Kenya).

Spread across several continents, the Global Ministries of Friends United Meeting seeks to support the worldwide Body of Christ in its local and regional ministries. Through financial support, human ingenuity and open communication, Friends United Meeting is energizing and equipping Friends to live into the calling and gifts we have received from the Holy Spirit.

Friends United Meeting currently operates in five global regions: Belize, Cuba, East Africa, North America and Palestine. Click the links to the right to get more information about each of our mission areas, as well as our field staff who operate there. View below to find the latest updates from across our worldwide community!

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Video: Learn About the Education for Esther Project!

“My name is Eden, and I’d like you to meet some Kenyan girls who want to go school. They come from the Samburu and Turkana communities, where girls don’t have much of a chance to attend high school.” “There’s a lot of poverty in these parts of Kenya; most families can’t afford to pay for their children to go to…

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FUM Announces Handover of Kaimosi Hospital

Friends Hospital Kaimosi has been handed over to the National Council of Churches of Kenya Eight years ago, Friends United Meeting entered into a temporary arrangement with East Africa Yearly Meeting to restore Friends Hospital Kaimosi from the brink of collapse. The hospital’s situation was dire, and Friends around the world answered the call with an outpouring of prayer, volunteer…

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Support Dale Graves as Interim Director of Belize Friends Mission

UPDATE: Dale has reached his fundraising goal! Dale Graves has received full support through gifts and pledges for this coming year in Belize. Thank you to everyone who contributed so generously! For those still considering a contribution, Dale suggests giving to the to the Belize Friends School account. Darcel Murray has been hired to work alongside Candi Young, who will…

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Equipping to Serve: Through Training

Equipping a Nation to Serve All Children By Eden Grace Approximately five percent of all children in the world, according to the World Health Organization, have a moderate-to-severe disability. In some countries, these children can expect to receive excellent care and education allowing them to reach their highest potential. In Palestine, however, there are no government-funded educational services for children…

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A New People to Be Gathered

By David Jaimes The Latino people are the next face to be included in Quakerism. The great Quaker founder, George Fox, once saw a vision of people who were gathered together on a hill and recounted: “I came near a very great hill, called Pendle Hill, and I was moved of the Lord to go up to the top of…

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Grassroots Ministry: Energizing and Equipping in Uganda and Tanzania

By Marian Baker Within a week of retiring, I had a deep sense that God was calling me to go encourage women in ministry in East Africa and not to be tied to any one institution. Since following that leading, I have been amazed at what God has done. It has been far more than I could have dreamed. I…

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Equipping to Serve: Through Education

By Robert J. Wafula I became a committed Christian and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior at age 10. My parents recognized and respected this spiritual change in my life and allowed me to go to Sunday school. I remember I became curious as to why we closed our eyes whenever we prayed. I asked my father, “Papa, why…

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Equipping to Serve: Through Caring

Lindi and Amari — Equipping Disadvantaged Children to Hope for a Positive Future Two ministries located in different parts of the world: one in the Kibera Slum in Nairobi and the other in the Amari Refugee Camp in Palestine, serve the children of the poorest of the poor. Both ministries, Lindi Friends Nursery and Primary School in Nairobi and the…

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Equipping to Serve: Through the Work of a Missionary

Editorial note: The following article is a transcript of an interview with an FTC graduate who is a teacher and a missionary in Congo. His is one of many stories of people who are equipped and energized by the ministry of Friends United Meeting to equip others to know Jesus Christ. “I’m Henry Sabatia from Vokoli Yearly Meeting in Kenya….

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Equipping To Serve: Through Work Teams

Belize Work Teams By Nancy McCormick My husband Mike and I have served on several work teams, Friends Disaster projects, hosting work camp experiences for youth, traveling with young and old to Belize City, Belize and while working as Friends Pastors for almost 35 years. It has been our desire to see living water stir within the hearts of those…

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