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Global Ministries of Friends United Meeting

Friends United Meeting includes 30 yearly meetings (regional associations) of Friends, along with several smaller groups, local meetings (churches) and affiliated organizations. We cooperate in cross-cultural missions and cooperative ventures, coordinating across yearly meetings through offices in Richmond, Indiana (USA) and Kisumu (Kenya).

Spread across several continents, the Global Ministries of Friends United Meeting seeks to support the worldwide Body of Christ in its local and regional ministries. Through financial support, human ingenuity and open communication, Friends United Meeting is energizing and equipping Friends to live into the calling and gifts we have received from the Holy Spirit.

Friends United Meeting currently operates in five global regions: Belize, Cuba, East Africa, North America and Palestine. Click the links to the right to get more information about each of our mission areas, as well as our field staff who operate there. View below to find the latest updates from across our worldwide community!

Cuba Yearly Meeting

Cuba Work Team 2014

This January 20th-February 1st, join Friends United Meeting, on an enriching encounter in Cuba. This experience might just increase your faith, encourage more frugal approach to life, and set you on fire to share with others. As a participant you can expect to work on the  construction of the three-story building in Holguin to house the seminary, retired pastors and yearly…

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Ramallah Friends School

FUM’s Ministry in Ramallah Leads to Greater Opportunities

By Nadia Nubana – 2007 Ramallah Friends School graduate Nadia Nubana, currently enrolled in a six-week internship at Reid Hospital, is temporarily living in hospital provided housing on Quaker Hill. That she can see the headquarters of Friends United Meeting from her apartment has significant emotional impact for the young medical student from Palestine, and thereby, as they say, hangs…

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Friends Theological College Update – July/August 2013

By Ann Riggs We rejoice at the success of the first session of our revised, school-based (modular) Diploma in Theology curriculum. Students began the new curriculum in April at Kaimosi, but will continue their studies at home until the next session in August. The revised curriculum has a stronger emphasis on pastoral application of the skills and knowledge learned in…

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FUM Field Staff Updates – May/June 2013

Friends Theological College Update By Ann Riggs For quite a long time students have been able to study for pastoral ministry through their yearly meetings while living at home, but these programs have not awarded accreditation documents. Members of the Friends Theological College (FTC) Board of Governors have for some time been concerned that these local programs have been drawing…

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We Are FUM - North America

FUM North American Ministries Retreat on Clerking and Vital Worship – May 2013

Join Friends from several different Yearly Meetings for a weekend gathering sponsored by Friends United Meeting and hosted by Quaker Hill Conference Center in Richmond, Indiana. This retreat, held May 3-4, 2013, is part of series of regional workshops titled, “Unleashing the Power of Your Meeting/Church” and is coordinated by the North American Ministries Committee of FUM. Workshops at this…

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Friends United Meeting Announces New Global Ministries Director

Dear Friends United Meeting community: As many of you know, we have been holding a search process for a new Richmond-based, Global Ministries Director for the past few months. A search team was assembled including Friends from Kenya, Iowa, New England and Indiana who helped me in the work of screening candidates and participating in the interviews of our finalists….

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Eden Grace

Field Staff Reports: Eden Grace – March, 2013

I have had the honor of being involved in many projects that are in the realm of institutional development with our various partners such as Lugulu Hospital, Samburu Friends Mission and Turkana Friends Mission, yet much of my time and energy has been spent in the development of Kaimosi Hospital. It has been helpful for me to think of Friends…

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Joyce Ajlouny Update – March/April

Celebrations and performances were the main focus for the entire Lower School in the month of December. All the hard work that went into preparation for the performances was evident in the wonderful choral program. Tala, the FGS librarian, recorded all performances and placed them on You Tube. Parents were delighted to be able to watch and share these videos….

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John Muhanji Update – March/April

The last year has been challenging and encouraging. Africa Ministries has seen yearly meetings come together in cooperative ministry, and there has been an increased unity of purpose among Friends in Africa. We witnessed the combined conferences of Quaker Men and the United Society of Friendly Women (USFW) Kenya prayer meetings. The strong collaboration between FUM and Friends Church Kenya…

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Eden Grace Ministry Update – March/April

Colin Saxton, FUM’s general secretary, visited Kenya in late November and was able to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with my family and me. During that visit, he asked me to take on a special short-term assignment helping Friends Theological College reorganize its accounting system. With the dawn of the need to raise funds for scholarships and operating costs, the college has…

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