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Highlights from Colin Saxton and Cliff Loesch’s Trip to Kenya

Chebeyusi Yearly Meeting

The FUM General Board-Africa, as it met in Kaimosi in January, approved Chebeyusi Yearly Meeting as an associate member. Clerk Cliff Loesch, General Secretary Colin Saxton and members of the African Ministries Office later celebrated with members of the Yearly Meeting. The new yearly meeting is excited to be officially welcomed into the FUM community and hope to become full members at the July 2014 Triennial in Muncie, Indiana.

Samburu Friends Mission

Friends in North America through the Summer Mission Project, “Cash for Classrooms,” raised $26,521.89. Due to this generosity, Samburu Mission will soon begin construction on two new classrooms for the Friends Primary School in Lotoulelia. As part of the Samburu Mission project, the school educates approximately 1900 children, including an evening “shepherd’s school” for young girls and boys who work all day watching flocks. Thirteen Friends from other parts of East Africa and North America traveled to Samburu in January to announce the construction and to see the Samburu Monthly Meeting be welcomed into East Africa Yearly Meeting-North. With this change, Friends from the Samburu Mission are now officially members of FUM. Two village meetings are also new officially recognized with plans for at least two more hoping to join soon. While visiting the area, the team also worked with local members of the community to implement a new constitution for the work there, inaugurate a new board with local leadership now serving for the first time.

African Ministries Office

The addition of Zadock Malesi as education secretary to the FUM African Ministries Office is a huge gift to the 1500+ Quaker schools in Kenya. Zadock’s leadership skills, experience and sense of call to the work evoke a warm response from Kenyan church and school leaders. Over the course of the next year, the new AMO education secretary will focus on leadership development for school principals, strengthening Friends values within the schools and organizing the deployment of the FUM peace curriculum. Through the generous donation of a company in Oregon, Zadock has also been able to provide free, laptop computers to over a dozen schools.