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Highlights from the 2011 FUM Triennial

• 400 Friends from nine nations and 24 American states attended
• USFWI/Quaker Men’s banquet with Field Staff Becky Barber and Belize Friends School teacher Miss Candi Young
• Release of the 50th anniversary issue of Quaker Life magazine
Keynote Address by outgoing General Secretary Sylvia Graves and reception honoring her nearly six years on staff with FUM
• Celebration of our global ministries as presented by FUM Field Staff
Johnson Lecture by North Carolina Friend Randy Quate who challenged us to examine those things in our lives that stunt and those that stimulate spiritual growth
• Confirmation of Colin Saxton as FUM General Secretary
• Approval of Tongaren Yearly Meeting as a full member of FUM
Earlham College Peace Lecture by Indiana Yearly Meeting Friend B. Welling Hall who spoke of the extraordinary message that “God IS Love”

From the Triennial Closing Minute:

“As we close the 2011 Triennial Sessions of Friends United Meeting, we celebrate the vision, the faith, and the dedication of those Friends who more than a century ago founded what is now Friends United Meeting. We celebrate also the Christian fellowship that reaches across oceans, continents, and cultures to bind us together in one family.
… the theme for the new Triennium is: ‘A Great People to Be Gathered.’ Friends are challenged to prayerfully envision the members, ministries, and resources of Friends United Meeting as part of a fresh movement of God’s Spirit.
… There are any number of outreach programs and evangelistic techniques available to us. However, all these techniques will have little or no effect until we can tap into the power of the Holy Spirit. That same Spirit prompted George Fox to climb to the top of Pendle Hill, where ‘the Lord let me see in what places he had a great people to be gathered.’ Friends, those places are right where you and I live. Those people are you, me, the members of our monthly and yearly meetings, and our neighbors. In the power of the Holy Spirit, Friends United Meeting can spark a renewal, a global movement to ‘gather people into fellowships where Jesus Christ is known, loved, and obeyed as teacher and Lord.’
… I close the 2011 Triennial Sessions of Friends United Meeting with this simple encourage-ment: Go forth as a Great People Gathered in Christ, Generously open to the Holy Spirit.”

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