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Hominy Friends Hold Vacation Bible School

Hominy Friends Meeting held Vacation Bible School June 11-13, from 2-6 pm at the meetinghouse in Hominy, Oklahoma. The sessions were attended by around 10 children. Michael Jay, Ministry Intern from Earlham School of Religion, Rich­mond, Indiana, and Beth Green-Nagle organized a program combining the study of several biblical stories including: King David’s boyhood as a shepherd, the New Testament parables of the Good Shepherd and the Good Samaritan. Participants also memorized the 23rd Psalm, and listened to stories about Beth’s recent trip to Kenya. The children learned how some Kenyan children are often responsible for the herds and about how Friends provide education for these working children in the evening at a “Shepherd’s School.”

Connie Adams from Heartland Friends Meeting, Wichita, Kansas, provided scripture lessons of the parables using the Godly Play system. The children responded well to this system which uses objects as aids to tell the story. After the story, the children held each physical symbol of the story and they showed an ability to repeat the sym­bols within the stories. They learned that God, like the Good Shepherd, takes good care of us and that we should take care of our neighbors.

Michael Jay, West Richmond Friends Meeting, Richmond, Indiana, also volunteered in the kitchen, providing supper and some traditional Kenyan food for the final day. The Kenyan food included ugali, the national Kenyan dish, which is a corn por­ridge; sukuma wiki which is stir-fried tomatoes, onions, and collard greens; chapati, a type of flat bread; and a vegetable and beef stew. The Kenyan meal received high praise.