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Indiana Yearly Meeting Reconfiguration Update

The Reconfiguration Task Force met on March 10. David Brindle of Friends Memorial was welcomed to the group and Stephanie Crumley-Effinger, who has had to relinquish her role due to a recent cancer diagnosis, received thanks for her work and service. Tom Hamm was asked to serve as a new co-facilitator and agreed to accept. Please join the task force in holding Stephanie in your prayers.

Much feedback has been received from individuals and monthly meetings clearly indicating that there is a strong leading to not dismantle IYM, and many affirm its denominational authority. Much of the March 10 discussion focused on how this feedback should shape next steps.

Sub-committees were appointed to refine the descriptions of two resulting groups (IYM “A” and IYM “B”) that will result from reconfiguration. Future refining of these descriptions will be done by the meetings that eventually will make up these bodies. It is hoped that in early April these refined descriptions will be distributed along with guidelines for a process to assist monthly meetings in discerning the kind of yearly meeting with which they desire to be affiliated.

Plans are being made to include a presentation from the task force at yearly meeting sessions in July with break-out sessions providing Friends the opportunity for collaboration and clarification. The task force is keenly aware that reconfiguration has far-reaching ramifications, including future relationships with affiliate bodies and our own Ministerial Excellence Initiative. These concerns are clearly on the radar of the task force, and will be given appropriate attention as the probable shape of the reconfiguration outcome continues to emerge.