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Job Description: Field Officer – Africa Ministries Office

Job Title: Field Officer—Africa Ministries Office

Department: Global Ministries

Employment Status: Full time/non-exempt


 Passionate understanding for and practical experience in holistic mission work
 Cultural competence and humility
 Willingness and ability to relocate to Kisumu Kenya and to travel extensively throughout East Africa
 Experience in fiscal management and budget preparation
 Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
 Excellent oral and written communication ability
 Capacity to listen to and work well with others
 Growing Christian faith and understanding of/alignment with Friends faith and practice
 Fundraising ability, including raising project funds as well as raising own salary, benefits and expenses

Reports to: Africa Ministries Director and Friends United Meeting Global Ministries Director

Job Summary:

Friends United Meeting “commits itself to energize and equip Friends through the power of
the Holy Spirit to gather people into fellowships where Jesus Christ is known, loved and
obeyed as Teacher and Lord.”

With this purpose statement in view, the AMO Field Staff works alongside other members of the AMO team to fulfill their shared mission objectives. Through relationship building, creative communication, financial integrity/management and administrative skills, the AMO Field Staff will be a catalyst for effective ministry and assist in mobilizing mission activity throughout Africa.


 Establish, nurture and expand cross-cultural relationships:

o Arrange and manage hospitality for international visitors who travel on behalf of FUM and/or for the benefit of the ministries of FUM.
o Advise and assist international visitors, workers and volunteers in meeting legal requirements: e.g. visas and work permits.
o Respond to inquiries and questions from FUM supporters.
o Embody Christian faithfulness and Friends values as a presence among East Africa Friends and serve as a cultural bridge for the global community of FUM.
o Serve as an ambassador, interpreting the mission work of FUM to meetings/churches, Yearly Meetings and other groups.
o Assist in the registration of African YM members for FUM Triennials or other FUM events.
o Working with the Africa Ministries Director in seeking global partners for the work of FUM in Africa for resource sharing including writing grant applications.

 Project partnerships and special projects:

o Oversee the planning, implementation, reporting, and evaluation of all mission and development projects and programmes in Africa, including both institutional project partners and non-institutional special projects.
o Serve as a consultant to FUM’s project partner boards and management, assisting in particular with organizational development, financial management, and mission strategy.
o Sit on the boards of governors of the project partner institutions, and serve as a communication and accountability link between those boards and the leadership of FUM.

 Communication specialist

o Expand current and develop new strategies to communicate effectively the work and witness of the AMO throughout East Africa and within the world-wide community of FUM.
o Produce and distribute a monthly newsletter to connect and inform Friends in East Africa.
o Generate and collect stories which depict the work being done in Africa among Friends and working alongside FUM communication’s staff, explore innovative media methods to share these stories.

 Financial Administration

o Finance officer for FUM in Africa—bookkeeping, payroll, statutory compliance, budget management, disbursements, record-keeping and reporting on all of funds moving through the Africa Ministries Office.
o Organize for an annual audit of the accounts of FUM in Africa.
o In collaboration with the Africa Ministries Director, arrange for the acquisition, rent or purchase and maintenance of buildings concerning the Africa Ministries Office of Friends United Meeting including accommodation purchased or rented for staff accommodations.
o Accountability for international monies through grants and other gifts to support the work of FUM in Kenya and, in particular, the disbursement and reporting on the use of any monies directly related to USAid/ASHA funded projects.
o Working with the Africa Ministries Director in accounting for and reporting on any other gifts received for the work of FUM and disbursed through the FUM Africa Ministries Office.
o Organize the purchase, licensing, insurance and maintenance of FUM-owned vehicles.
o Maintain an accurate and current register of fixed assets owned by FUM and deployed in Africa.

 Fundraising

o In cooperation with FUM staff, raise sufficient funds/pledges for salary and essential ministry expenses prior to deployment on the field.
o Communicate regularly with donors and the larger FUM community regarding financial needs and priorities
o Travel among Friends to encourage personal ministry support and awareness about the work and witness of FUM

 General Staff Functions:

o Regular communication with donors and ongoing attention to fundraising goals
o Participation in weekly staff meetings and other meetings as requested
o Participate as needed in coordinating and implementing AMO sponsored events and activities
o Follow through on correspondence/contact with people via phone, email, etc
o Provide regular reports to the FUM Global Ministries Director

Updated May 2013