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John Muhanji Update – March/April

The last year has been challenging and encouraging. Africa Ministries has seen yearly meetings come together in cooperative ministry, and there has been an increased unity of purpose among Friends in Africa. We witnessed the combined conferences of Quaker Men and the United Society of Friendly Women (USFW) Kenya prayer meetings. The strong collaboration between FUM and Friends Church Kenya (FCK) was an equally strong example of unity among us.

I believe that this year will be better than the last in terms of cooperation in ministry. My desire is to have this year known, as it is known by Kenyans, to be the “Year of Jubilee.” I pray we shall have more Kenyan meetings participating in our programs. It is my hope that more people will actively take part in the work to be done and not sit on the sidelines.

This year we have experienced success and challenges in the following areas: leadership development through extensive teaching of Quaker Faith and Practice in Tuloi Yearly Meeting and a seminar for general superintendents on the topic of empowerment; evangelism through training, church planting and extension in Mt. Elgon; mission work through discipleship training for Ugandans and educational ministry by collaborating with FUM and FCK to hire a national education secretary.

We plan to be quite busy in 2013, by concentrating on mission growth in Mt Elgon, mission outreach in Southern Tanzania, Northern Uganda and Poroko, which is located in Kilgoris. We also plan to support yearly meetings through leadership development opportunities and various programs to assist individuals and meetings. Finally, in December 2013 we will be hosting a Pastors Conference at Hill School in Eldoret.

We are blessed we can continue the work God has given us.