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The Joy of Everyday Ministry

By Diane Andrews

“For it is not you who speak but it is the Spirit of your Father who speaks in you.” – Matthew 10:20

We are all ordained by God for everyday ministry. The urging of the Divine within each of us creates the potential for a spark to burst into flames of passion for Christ and the word of God.

As we hunger for the love of our Creator and thirst for the spiritual nourishment of his Spirit, we become propelled into service with a great outpouring of joy.

The spiritual journey often begins with solitude, reflection, contemplation and prayer replacing the many distractions and busyness of life. During this time, God somehow stops clocks, slows rapid heartbeat and allows a deep breath so our attention can focus on communion with the Spirit. Peace blankets our landscape with softer, newer perspectives.

Discoveries made within this dialogue lay the groundwork for an emerging spiritual confidence. The path is illuminated when we ask God to show us the way. Our obedience to what is heard after prayer opens our hearts and minds to new possibilities for service. Every day ministry begins with communion that empowers and changes our life.

During this sacred time, our heart cries out, “Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my territory . . . (1 Chronicles 4:10)” In answer, it is revealed that our territory includes encounters with the homeless on a street corner, the destitute woman in the grocery line who cannot pay, an elderly neighbor who becomes ill, a child needing help with homework, or someone in Africa starving. God places us in circumstances each day to encourage ministry. Our hearts are stirred with compassion, and we are drawn to offer a kind response to the disparities of our world.

Loving God wholeheartedly creates opportunity to live a purposeful life as the everyday ministry is fully embraced. Christ taught us what to say and what to do by the way he spoke and lived. We are blessed with the greatest teacher, the most skillful coach and the most successful CEO. We are gifted with a personal relationship with Christ who is with us in each moment.

Opportunities for service abound. Our energy rises to meet them, fueled by the desire to be an emissary of God. In 2 Samuel 23 it is written: “The Spirit of the LORD spoke through me; his word was on my tongue.”

We will know what to say to those in need because just as God instructed Christ, we too are educated. Sometimes these instructions can seem perplexing and difficult to follow.

We might be asked to give more than we think we have, to stay at the scene of an accident to comfort a victim, to rescue an animal in distress, to face our own fear of death to help another, to take in a stranger, to foster a child, or to join a missionary team. We never know what God will ask of us. Our spiritual integrity will lead us as we adapt and strive to do our best in the giving of ourselves.

Mother Teresa’s surrender to her destiny serves as a reminder that just one of us can change the world. St. Francis obeyed God in every encounter, simplifying his own life to minister to others. Martin Luther King dreamed a dream that changed the reality of the world forever. Throughout history, selfless men and women have contributed to the evolution of our collective consciousness.

Our world is rapidly changing. Will we answer God’s calling for an everyday ministry in the hope that love and compassion will become the guiding light in this world? Will we take the time to listen? Perhaps the answer lies in the heart of the values of the Quaker faith. The embodiment of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, and equality create a natural state of Grace and infuse life with the sacred intention for service.

Diane AndrewsDiane Andrews attends First Friends Meeting in Indianapolis where she is a freelance writer, poet, artist, and spiritual life coach. You can contact Diane at