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Meanderings And Musings – January/February 2013

By Annie Glen

As a Quaker—as a Christian who happens to be Quaker—I am informed by a great Teacher. As I study the book holding his teachings and summary of his life, I find the example of how I must act and be. I have found in my spiritual lessons that no one is immune from God’s love. Everyone has a bit of the Light of God within them. My job, as I have been instructed, is to be an archeologist, if you will. I am to dig and uncover the beauty of the gift that may be hidden from plain sight. If I am centered in the Light of Christ, the testimony of my life will be one that will reveal a life of grace. It will shine with the testimonies of simplicity, peace, integrity, community and of equality. The testimony, in my eyes, should be one that comes from my inward being and stands as proof that Christ is my Lord. Treating people as if they are a gift of God is part of how I express the love of Christ to others. It is part of who I am because of who has shaped my inner most being. I am a different person because I responded to the love given to me by God a long time ago. My testimony is more than a principle to emulate. It is who I am. You will read about many ideas of equality in this issue. David Johns in his article, “Moving Forward or Circling Wagons?” encourages the Religious Society of Friends to “make faith, hope and love real in the world,” while Matt Hisrich and April Vanlonden appeal to different ways of expressing equality.fu They ask whether equality should be focused on outward practice where actions and attitudes are the same or have Friends meetings become so individualized that the differences have begun to hurt the corporate Society of Friends? In “Visiting Prison,” Robert Moulthrop offers a spiritual insight into being present with everyone. Leigh Eason offers an insight into the timelessness of the testimony of equality. I encourage you to look at all the offerings in this issue. It is my hope you will be inspired or moved by the words chosen by our authors. How is God ministering to you through their stories? Is there some phrase that makes you pause? I pray you will consider and reflect on these words given as a gift to you. Again, I encourage you to write me, send me an email or post your thoughts and reflections on Facebook. Let us be in conversation together as we journey with Christ. Enjoy!