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Meanderings and Musings – July/August 2014

By Annie Glen, Communications Editor

My family and I love to play board games. One of our favorites is RISK.

“This time I will conquer the world!” My husband invariably predicts, and just as invariably, he is the first one eliminated. When it comes to playing this game, my daughters and I are ruthless — nothing will stop us from world domination! Observing each member’s strategy of play affords great insight into how much each actually dares to risk. I usually hold back until I have what I believe to be a sufficient number of armies. I will take a country next to one of mine, but will generally risk only one adventure per turn.

My elder daughter taunts people into making moves that benefit her. When it is her turn, she attacks with gusto, taking as many countries as she can. Any agreements she made the play before no longer apply. Annihilation is her main goal. Nothing will stop her.

My younger daughter, however, sits and watches. She patiently gathers her forces, observes where weak spots are and plots. She lulls people into believing the players (other than she) are the ones about which they should worry. Before anyone knows it, she has amassed the most armies and frequently wins the game.

I find it interesting to compare how people of faith are much like my family when it comes to taking risks. Some confess that they will be able to face the risk and move on, only to fall smack on their faces. They react to everything that comes their way and boldly make statements of faith that have no substance. With such an individual little time is spent in prayer, gaining discernment and understanding. Others will take a chance only when they can see they are in a position of strength. Little trust is given to the Lord. They will take a risk only when they believe
they cannot lose. Everything has to look like it will work before they move. They don’t act upon faith.

Yet some have faith that they can take risks — but only when it will benefit themselves.

And finally, there are those who wait and move when the time is right. These individuals have seasoned their relationships with God in such a manner that they know the time to move and the time to sit back. Taking a risk is not something frightening, but a matter of the right move.

I wonder, in the walk of faith, which player describes you?