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Meetinghouse Monday

Quaker Life began a promotion on our Facebook page in October called “Meetinghouse Monday.” Each Monday we feature a different FUM meetinghouse, including photos and interesting tidbits about a monthly meeting that is a member of FUM so we can get to know our family of Friends. But there is one catch — we don’t tell our Facebook fans what meeting is being featured; they have to guess! The first person to name the meeting featured is signed up for a subscription to Quaker Life. Not on Facebook? That’s okay! You can participate by naming the meeting that worships in the meetinghouse pictured above. Here are your hints: This grand Victorian building served as a doctor’s office, home and college dorm before becoming a meetinghouse. It is located in a former Dutch colony — the new world home of tulips. A huge backyard is known for its grapevines. If you have an idea what meeting worships in this beautiful building, e-mail Quaker Life. The first person to respond correctly will have the opportunity to subscribe to Quaker Life for themselves, their meeting or a friend.