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Minute to Friends in Kenya from the North American General Board of Friends United Meeting – February, 2013

Dear Friends:

The following minute comes from the Friends United Meeting General Board/North America meeting in Richmond, Indiana on February 8, 2013. It arose out of our, prayers, fellowship with and concern for our Friends in Kenya.

Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ to our Friends in Kenya. We send you our loving greetings, and our prayers that those who work for peace in Kenya will prevail, and the people of Kenya will experience a peaceful and fair election. We recognize the hard and courageous work that the Friends Church Peace Teams and the Africa Great Lakes Initiative have done on civic education, Christian peacemaking, and non-violence training. We also recognize the importance of the new Friends Peace Curriculum which has been introduced in Friends schools in Kenya. The road to peace is often a long journey, yet we are comforted that we do not travel this road alone, for God is forever with us. Your work for peace inspires us in North America and Friends around the world. Know that our prayers are with you.

Yours in the love and peace of Christ,

North American Section of the General Board of Friends United Meeting
8th February, 2013