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My Trip to the US

By Judy Ngoya – Program Manager, Africa Ministries Office

My trip to United States of America was one of the most exciting trips I have ever had in life. I felt like I was the most favored woman in the whole world!

The day of the flight out of Africa I met eight people who were going to the USFWI/QMI Triennial conference in Indianapolis, and all eight of us were on the same flight. Our plane ride was fun and joyful.

My first destination in the United States was at the Radisson Hotel in Indianapolis.

My schedule was full and I had little time for relaxing and seeing the sights. When I did, though, I went out with friends Janine Saxton, Katy Palmer and Sylvia Graves. I enjoyed walking along the White River with Janine Saxton as we ate ice cream and felt the cool breeze. I also enjoyed the company of Rich and Sandy Davis at their home. We visited the Amish people and their shops and walked along the Wabash River in Wabash, Indiana.

Then I met the best travelling companion, Annie Glen. She and I traveled from Richmond to Iowa together. We found that we could get lost together and again figure out a way back by ourselves without asking for directions. There was no minute when we were quiet, for we wanted to share experiences and ideas with each other. We even preached to each other at times, prepared Bible lessons together without writing anything down and made each other laugh. Even after we would adjourn to our separate rooms to sleep, we wound up Skyping each other! I even miss those moments at Iowa Yearly Meeting when we both dealt with the allergic effects of corn dust pollen. I really learned a lot from her. Spiritually I was uplifted by her encouragements and ideas. She made my trip to the United States complete. God bless her.

From Iowa I was to return to Richmond in the early morning, getting only a couple hours of sleep. I then was up and on my way to Providence, Rhode Island, where I was warmly welcomed and many people were excited to see me. It seemed everybody wanted to speak with me. The last two weeks of visits and the early morning rising had taken its toll. My whole body was aching. Even more disturbing was the painful swelling of my foot. I really felt miserable and wished I could close my eyes and sleep on a soft, comfortable place.

It was then I met Leslie Manning, a very kind lady who expressed concern by saying, “You look exhausted and tired! Would you like to go and have a nap at the hostel? I can show you where you can go. You even can take a shower and rest a bit!” I admired her psychology. She read all my feelings, came directly to me and said, “You seem to be so tired, can I offer help?” Oh my goodness! I will never forget that woman of God. May God continue to bless her wherever she is.

On 8 August I began my journey back to Kenya. Now, I am back to normal and strong in faith.