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North Carolina Yearly Meeting: Pray Without Ceasing

North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends seeks, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to equip and energize our meetings in their witness to the love, message and power of the living Christ, encouraging Friends to translate our faith into practice.

NCYM has embarked on a prayer campaign this year titled, “Pray Without Ceasing 2012.” Members have been asked to take at least one minute from each day to pray for a meeting of NCYM. NCYM staff members developed helpful calendars listing the meeting that will be the focus each day. Members are encouraged to connect with and get to know Friends from each of these meetings to know how best to pray for them. But even if you don’t know anything about a meeting, you can still pray for them. On Sundays, individuals also pray for the ministry of NCYM as a whole.

The prayer is simple: “Lord, bless the Friends of __________ Meeting/Ministry. Please fill them with your vision and vitality so that they can be faithful to you and fruitful for your Kingdom this year. In the name of Jesus, Amen.” Each day, Friends simply fill in the blank and pray from the heart for God to move in that meeting. Any congregation can become vital and visionary, faithful and fruitful if they choose to be, and if they are empowered by God.

Please consider praying for the meetings in your own yearly meeting, or joining NCYM’s “Pray Without Ceasing” campaign. You can find a calendar of meetings to pray for on the yearly meeting website or on Facebook.