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Quaker Life – January/February 2014

Gathered in Christ: Disciple Making

Jesus saw just what measure of evil God’s love was up against and how much sacrifice and devotion to God it would take by himself and those who would follow, if the light was to ever overcome the darkness.

Light would not prevail, however, by people being unwillingly led to their deaths. Rather, it would come by people voluntarily laying down their lives to take up a life of obedience to the will of God, no matter the cost. When Jesus called and continues to call his followers to take up their crosses — he was/is under no illusions as to what that would mean for him or us.

This, Friends, is the gospel at its most terse and dangerous. The cross is not a magic symbol or a fashionable decoration. It’s a symbol of a risky, alternative lifestyle. It is a symbol that makes normative claims about who God is, about who we are and about the shape and direction of our life together. It is a symbol for how God and God’s people exercise redemptive love that has and will eventually transform the world.

“Follow me.”

Colin Saxton – General Secretary, Friends United Meeting

Gathered in Christ: Disciple Making – By Dorlan Bales

“How and why do people become followers of Jesus Christ?” Learn more about Scripture’s witness in this, the first of a six-part Bible Study by Dorlan Bales.

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The Importance of Discipleship – By John Muhanji

“A great people gathers as they energize and equip others for reaching out for Christ to the whole world.”

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The Journey of a Disciple – By Manny Garcia

“Intentionality is one area where the Church falls short today. There just aren’t enough Christ followers purposely engaging in the discipleship of others.”

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Discipleship 101 – By Megan Anderson

“Congregations that foster a culture of discipleship stand to benefit as much as the individual disciplers and disciples.”

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It Cannot Be Completed Alone – By Susann Estle-Cronau

“May we continue to flourish like the grass upon the earth and cover the land with our sacrifice and service as disciples of God.”
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Discipleship: Relational Connections – By Matt Chesnes

“All mission statements connected to the local church must render disciple making as the central focus.”

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