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Quaker Life – July/August 2013


Above the door on the inside of his room a college friend had hung a sign above the door stating, “You are now entering the mission field.” Upon first discovering his message, I asked him why he had placed it there, and he explained, “Each time I leave my room for the wider world, I read that sign. It reminds me that my mission is to extend a prayer of peace to everyone I meet. Each person needs the grace of God. I may be the vessel that is used by God to bless that person. When I open the door and venture out, I enter the mission field.”

I realized that day that if we are to follow Christ, we are to be missionaries wherever we go. We may not know how we are to be used by the Spirit, but if we are in Christ, we are used. The mission field is just outside our doors. Turn to the right and then to the left. If no one else is there, then yes, you are the vessel God is choosing to use in that moment.

Annie Glen – Communications Editor, Quaker Life


It’s Not the Coffee – By Ron Ferguson

The best part of waking up is not the coffee. It is the resumption of the spiritual conversation that is true communion, the life that will never end.

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Short-Term Missions: Evangelizing Americans – By Cherice Bock

“We want to share the good news of Jesus’ life and message with everyone we can, & we recognize that God is living and active already no matter where we go.”

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Life Lessons – By Oscar Lugusa

“There is a Kiswahili saying, “ukiona viaelea ujue vimendw,” meaning, “As you watch vessels moving on water, know that it took time & preparation to happen.””

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What Is My Call To Action? – By Betty Tonsing

“What could Quakerism in America look like in the future? The meeting of the future, in my estimation, is going to birth a new breed of Friends. I believe a new Quaker explosion is on the horizon if certain components emerge in equally strong measure throughout North American Friends fellowships.”

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Missions, Missionary to Missional – By Robert J Wafula

“Can you imagine what would happen if God poured out his Spirit in such a way that we experienced a Friends church multiplication movement? Exciting flickers of this fire exist among Friends, around the country and globe, but it is time to begin to bring these sparks together. Plans are well underway to do just that.”

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