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Quaker Life – July/August 2014

A People to be Scattered: Risk Taking

I find it interesting to compare how people of faith are much like my family when it comes to taking risks. Some confess that they will be able to face the risk and move on, only to fall smack on their faces. They react to everything that comes their way and boldly make statements of faith that have no substance. With such an individual little time is spent in prayer, gaining discernment and understanding.

Others will take a chance only when they can see they are in a position of strength. Little trust is given to the Lord. They will take a risk only when they believe they cannot lose. Everything has to look like it will work before they move. They don’t act upon faith. Yet some have faith that they can take risks — but only when it will benefit themselves.

And finally, there are those who wait and move when the time is right. These individuals have seasoned their relationships with God in such a manner that they know the time to move and the time to sit back. Taking a risk is not something frightening, but a matter of the right move.

I wonder, in the walk of faith, which player describes you?

Annie Glen – Communications Editor, Friends United Meeting

Faithful Risk Taking – By Dorlan Bales

“At its best, faithful risk taking is a response to the experience of God’s love and the Holy Spirit’s call to share that love with others. What could it mean today to hear and obey a spiritual call to move beyond what is safe and familiar?”

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The Risks You Take Will Make You Well – By Scott Wagoner

“If we are faithful, we also can hear the words of Jesus, ‘Courage, Friends and Quakers. You took a risk of faith, and now you are well.'”

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Re-Imaging Prophethood from within the Belly of the Machine – By Evan Knappenberger

“Here is the promise: thirst for justice, yearn for the voice of God in all things, hunger for right relation with God, with neighbors, with sparrows, and even with the text read-from-without.”

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The Balance Beam of Risk – By Mimi Marstaller

“I think God wants us to be spiritual entrepreneurs. I think he wants us to knock on new doors, explore unknown territory and embark on new paths, unimpeded by the fear of failure.”

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Towards a Practical Peace Movement – By Isaac May

“A great people gathers as they energize and equip others for reaching out for Christ to the whole world.”

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Investing the Quaker Way – By Norval Reece

“A great people gathers as they energize and equip others for reaching out for Christ to the whole world.”

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