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Quaker Life – May/June 2013


Hope does not deny that evil and ugliness exist. Rather, hope says that there is an even greater power that overcomes this corruption, and that power is my choice today. The responsibility of my choice is to behave in a manner that lives the entire message. When I choose hope in the Easter message, it is my responsibility to neither ignore nor turn a blind eye to evil, but to remain aware, becoming a vessel bringing Light into Darkness. If I live a life that displays confidence in the Easter message, Evil does not win. If I invest in this resurrection, then my life will be a testimony to the fullness of hope, ever a reflection of its power and beauty.

The resurrection continues today through the lives of those who claim to be followers of Christ. People state that their hope is in Jesus. I would go further and state that my hope is in his resurrection and its power.

I pray you will be inspired and challenged as you read this issue filled with the message of hope.


Annie Glen – Communications Editor, Quaker Life

Reasons for Hope – By John Punshon

Our tradition does not witness to things by talking about them… [Rather, we] encourage others to discover for themselves the hope that, often unrecognized, lives within them. That, we think, is the way to enter the Kingdom and, in Paul’s words, to rejoice in our hope.

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Hope Is A Choice – By Dan Randazzo

“The church isn’t a place; it’s hope itself. The church is our stubborn determination to root our lives in the God who so loved God’s creation that God stared complete hopelessness in the face and still retained hope; this happened not just once, but still happens, every single moment.”

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The Anchor of the Soul – By Leslie Manning

“One of the things from which I draw the greatest encouragement is the life of Jesus, the carpenter from Nazareth. His life, especially in the period of his public ministry, is an example and a lesson to me constantly. In his words of hope and his acts of healing, I draw strength, comfort and encouragement. I am reminded that with a small group of imperfect people, we can change the world, and redefine our relationship with each other and the Holy.”

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An Explosion of Hope – By Randy Quate

“What could Quakerism in America look like in the future? The meeting of the future, in my estimation, is going to birth a new breed of Friends. I believe a new Quaker explosion is on the horizon if certain components emerge in equally strong measure throughout North American Friends fellowships.”

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The Hope of Multiplication – By Jim Le Shana

“Can you imagine what would happen if God poured out his Spirit in such a way that we experienced a Friends church multiplication movement? Exciting flickers of this fire exist among Friends, around the country and globe, but it is time to begin to bring these sparks together. Plans are well underway to do just that.”

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It’s All About You – By William Dillingham

“The awesomeness of how we are inextricably knitted together allows us to understand another person’s pain. Through empathy, we want to help alleviate it, overcome the cause, fix the situation and make it better not only because we feel sorry for someone in pain, but because that pain has become our pain also.”

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Hope for Friends Theological College – By Robert Wafula

“Giving back to what others have given in you in terms of the spiritual and theological reform, mentoring, support in difficult times, relationships and inspiration is a virtue not a vice. Remember, someone invested in you and influenced you to move on. It is now your time to invest in the next generation at the FTC to influence a new paradigm of hope for the future.”

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