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Quaker Life – September/October 2013

Congregational Living

Above the door on the inside of his room a college friend had hung a sign above the door stating, “You are now entering the mission field.” Upon first discovering his message, I asked him why he had placed it there, and he explained, “Each time I leave my room for the wider world, I read that sign. It reminds me that my mission is to extend a prayer of peace to everyone I meet. Each person needs the grace of God. I may be the vessel that is used by God to bless that person. When I open the door and venture out, I enter the mission field.”

I realized that day that if we are to follow Christ, we are to be missionaries wherever we go. We may not know how we are to be used by the Spirit, but if we are in Christ, we are used. The mission field is just outside our doors. Turn to the right and then to the left. If no one else is there, then yes, you are the vessel God is choosing to use in that moment.

Annie Glen – Communications Editor, Quaker Life


Personality and Place – By Doug Gwyn

“In community we encounter one another as real persons, not the caricatures we perceive from afar. We find our best gifts exercised for the good of the group and raised to a higher power.”

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I Am About to Do a New Thing – By Margaret Fraser

“In January of this year, 2013, 120 of us gathered at Richmond First Friends to share food and worship. We recognized that schism was inevitable and began to prepare ourselves
for formal separation.”

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A Sacred Space for the Spirit to Work – By Patricia Barber

“I fervently believe that each of us is an expression of God’s love for the world and that we come into this time and place bearing a sacred gift to share with our fellow humans. Our spiritual community should be the sanctuary and testing ground where we are free to seek out that gift both in ourselves and in others.”

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Fellowship: The Mystery of Christ – By Ben Richmond

“The gift of community is an essential part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Community undergirds every other aspect of Christian life: it is in community that peace, reconciliation and equality find expression…”
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A Bible Study of Community: Moses and the Amalekites – By William H. Mueller

“We will meet the challenges that try to divert us from mission and right living when we faithfully seek the help of God through prayer and meditation, and find clearness with the help of that of God in others. And when challenges come to our meetings we will find unity when we trust in God’s wisdom to find way forward together, in community.”

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Praying Outside the Lines – By Katherine Philipson

“As I encounter the pervasiveness of exploitation, oppression and violence in our society, the beginning of the prayer Jesus taught his disciples resonates with me deeply: “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

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