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Themes for Quaker Life 2014

A People to Be Gathered & Scattered

Issue: January/February Theme: Gathered in Christ: Disciple Making Article Deadline: 11/8/2013 Mailed: 1/3/14

• What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus Christ? How is a disciple made? How does one create an environment where hearts are made tender to the promptings of Christ? How does one be a disciple of Christ in a modern world? Who is responsible for making disciples? Why is discipleship important today? Bible Study focus: The first-century discipleship program.

Issue: March/April Theme: Gathered In Community: Growing in Ministry Article Deadline: 1/8/2014 Mailed: 3/1/14

• How does ministry within our congregation speak of Christ to the world? How do we put into practice that which we have received from the Spirit? Why does acts of service create growth within a congregation? Bible Study focus: The mission focus of Christ. (Isaiah 58)

Issue: May/June Theme: Gathered For Mission: Equipped to Serve Article Deadline: 3/8/14 Mailed: 5/1/14

• Gathered to be equipped and serve others. Where are the places we must serve? What acts of service can a small meeting/church do? What do you do when you are tired of “doing”? Effective ways to mentor. Bible Study focus: Luke 10: 1-21 – a pattern of going out.

Issue: July/August Theme: A People to be Scattered: Risk Taking Article Deadline: 5/7/14 Mailed: 7/2/14

• How is faith fearless? Called to stand when it is not popular to do so. Taking steps to/for change? What new trails need to be blazed? How to blaze new trails. Bible Study focus: The mission focus of Christ. (Isaiah 58)

Issue: September/October Theme: Triennial Article Deadline: 7/6/14 Mailed: 9/1/14

• A people to be gathered and scattered. Reports, Johnson Lecture Bible Study focus: John 4:35b

Issue: November/December Theme: Leading a Scattered Community Article Deadline: 9/7/14 Mailed: 11/1/14

• How do we answer that of God in people that make us uncomfortable? How is a leader a follower? What investment is the community making in developing leaders & followers? What brings a community together? Making the Gospel fresh—Can it be done? Paving the way for a new generation of followers. Bible Study focus: Acts — A Community Born.