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2014 Triennial Gathering of Friends United Meeting (FUM)

Influence comes from not trying to do things on my own; it doesn’t come from my ego or determined sense of independence. It comes from trusting that my life, hidden in Christ, will influence. If I am one in Christ, the kingdom in which I reside becomes influential. The most significant part of the U-turn is the truth that it isn’t my life that influences, it is Christ’s.

I need to go back to a practice of listening intently and trusting that Voice. Christ’s voice spoke loudly during Triennials, “Annie, you are one in whom I dwell and take delight. Why don’t you let go and live in the strong, unshakeable kingdom in which I reign? The influence will be My job, if you just listen and trust my Voice.”

FUM, as a body, I believe, also heard its GPS say the same words. I found myself praying throughout the time,“We are listening, O God. May Your life become tangible to anyone we encounter. If we need to, may we turn around and make a U-turn right into Your strong and unshakeable kingdom. May the world experience Your influence, again. Amen.” It is a prayer I pray for you, my
Friends. And, may you never get lost.

Annie Glen – Communications Editor, Friends United Meeting

Formed in the Image of Christ – By James Bryan Smith

“Jesus did not preach a gospel of hell evasion. He gave us a gospel of heaven invasion. God didn’t come just to get you, out of hell. He came to get heaven into you, now!”

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First-Time Attender, Long-Time Listener – By Steve Olshewsky

“I came away from Triennial refreshed and encouraged that so many good Friends are diligently working for a better world, and that FUM gives us a venue to learn about, as well as join in with, so much good work.”

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Hidden in Christ – By James Bryan Smith

“The key to Christlike living and Christlike loving is knowing that you are sacred and valued of worth. … Try saying this, ‘I am one in whom Christ dwells and takes delight. I am sacred and precious and valuable.'”

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Toward a Quaker Renaissance – By Richard Foster

“This vivid experience of Jesus as present Teacher is at the very core of the Quaker witness. Let me say as clearly as I possibly can, Jesus Christ is alive and here to teach his people himself. He has not contracted laryngitis. His voice is not hard to hear. His vocabulary is not difficult to understand.”

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Energizing, Equipping and Connecting for the Work of God – By Colin Saxton

“FUM is a global community where Friends are energized, equipped and connected in order to carry out the work God is calling us to do in our time and place.”

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Reflection of Peace – By Mary Lord

“There are two predictors of violence in a society or a country apt to come to war. One is the degree of inequality, especially if there are many poor and few rich. The other is the percentage of young men between the ages of 15-25 with no job, not in school and no hope. They are very vulnerable to those who would use them for violence.”

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Stories of Faith and Peacemaking – Global Peace Panel

“Panelists from across the Quaker world share about their experiences of faith and peacemaking.”

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Joyful, Fearless and Always in Trouble! – By Colin Saxton

“Joy, fearless, trouble. These are signs of vibrant Christian life. And all we need to get there is near-death experience.”

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