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Leading a Scattered People

We live in an age of isolation. Even sitting together in the same room, we live in private worlds. We stare at our personal screens, separated by our own hobbies, interests and ambitions. When we do connect, it’s often through shared consumption. We find shallow unity in products, images and ideologies: the spectacle.

We were made for something deeper. Our hearts long for a shared creativity that has the power to bind us together. We thirst for the creative Spirit to energize our lives. We have a hunger that can only be satisfied by a communion that transcends personal projects, lingering hangups and the fear of missing out.

We find true unity with one another in moments of self-forgetting creativity. Before all the arguments and criticisms come simple acts of joyful creation. We’re the spitting image of our Father when we cry out: “Let there be light!”

This is what we were made for. When we live with a heart-knowledge of our Creator — when our lives are drenched in love and wonder — the divisions that lie between us no longer divide. Disagreements become dynamic tensions that spur us to even greater acts of creativity.

In the face of all the world’s darkness, we say: “Let there be light!”

Micah Bales – Web & Communications Specialist, Friends United Meeting

Listening and Learning at FUM Triennial – By David Herendeen


“Does Friends United Meeting have enough common ground for us to remain in ministry together? I am convinced that it does.”

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The Stranger Walking With Us – By Rita Willett


“Jesus exemplified the spirit of nurture as he listened and recognized the spiritual hunger of his disciples on the road to Emmaus.”

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We’ve Got to Get Back to the Garden – By Katherine Murray


“George Fox believed strongly in the ‘perfectibility’ of mankind; he maintained that earthly perfection was possible for all who choose to turn to the Light.”

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Private Quaker, Public Quaker – Part 2 – By Norval Reese


“We need to open our doors, invite the world in and heartily embrace friends from all sectors of society.”

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FCNL Spring Lobby Weekend – By Neil Snarr


“The influx of young adults has transformed Friends Committee on National Legislation’s lobbying and its impact.”

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