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Ramallah Friends School Report: College Prep Students Make 300 Points of Growth on SAT Scores

By Michael Madormo, Upper School English Teacher

Over 130 students learned how to improve their SAT scores, how to apply for colleges and explore their goals and dreams for the future during the past two summers in the I Know I Can College Prep Academy.

College prep students mark 300 points 1

Students scores grew an average of 300 points overall in that time frame Ñ no small accomplishment given the difficulty of the SAT test. The better scores have improved studentsÕ chances of attending the university of their dreams.

This program has been successful for many reasons. First, students at Ramallah Friends School are deeply motivated and committed to improving their English and math skills scores. They work tremendously hard to excel. Students voluntarily stay after school to meet with teachers, work hard on daily homework assignments, participate actively in games and competitions in class and generally show a positive attitude toward the learning.

Second, most of our teachers come from the Teach for America program and have learned powerful lessons while getting to know the life, the environment and the community of Ramallah. The teachers have built strong relationships with the students, act as mentors for them and are motivated to ensure each student achieves success.

Third, our program is committed to develop the whole person, body, soul and mind, by encouraging the student to be aware of the impact their actions have in a community and the world. Our program emphasizes the importance of being a responsible member of the community and teaches them to act as such. Through motivational guest speakers from the community such as, Sam Bahour, Saed Atshan, Fadi Quran and Laila Atshan, our students have been inspired to become leaders for change in our community.

In the upcoming year we are planning to add an English course to develop the reading and writing skills of students in the Lower School. Stay tuned in for more in the future!