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Reconfiguration Update from Indiana Yearly Meeting

The IYM Representative Council, at its meeting on 11/10/2012, reached unity to give final approval to the reconfiguration proposal brought forward by the Task Force and previously distributed to monthly meetings. The revised proposal reflected suggestions and concerns shared at the 9/29/2012 called Representative Council. The Representatives united on two additional changes: deadline for participating in the distribution of assets moved to 5/30/2013 with eligibility to receive proportional distribution of assets after 12/31/2013; and, a reversion clause for distribution of assets if no new yearly meeting or equivalent organization is formed.

Some frequently asked questions are answered below:

Q. If my meeting has already chosen “B” what do we need to do now?

A. Forty-one meetings have already formally notified the yearly meeting office that they have chosen “B” and will continue to be members of Indiana Yearly Meeting with no further action required.

Q. If my meeting has chosen “A” or “Not B” what do we do now?

A. Your meeting will continue to be obligated for assess­ments only through 2012, but released from obligations for 2013. Any members of your meeting serving as IYM officers or on IYM committees will continue their service through De­ cember 31, 2012, concluding their service after that date. The membership records of meetings who have made a decision to participate in a newly formed yearly meeting or association by May 30, 2013, will be used to calculate a proportional division of assets to be distributed to the new entity by the end of 2013.

Q. What if my meeting has not made a decision yet?

A. All meetings have until May 30, 2013, to choose or change a previous choice and benefit from a proportional division of assets. Meetings needing more time will have until 2013 Annual Session to make a final decision, but the proportional division of assets will be based on decisions as of May 30, 2012. Members of meetings who have yet to make a decision may continue to serve as IYM officers or IYM com­ mittee members, but will not be eligible for new appointments during this period.

Q. Will IYM have enough income to continue operations next year?

A. Assessment income will be considerably reduced for 2013; however, a work group appointed by the Executive Committee has been looking at options that will enable the current IYM staff to remain in place.