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As a worldwide Christian association of Friends, Friends United Meeting has access to an unparalleled breadth of spiritual resources to offer the Body of Christ as a whole. Here, we highlight a small sampling of the written resources that we make available. Many more resources are available at the Friends United Press website.

FUM Daily Prayer Guide

Friends United Meeting has many ministries that need your support — and a great way is through your prayers. Our hope is through your regular prayer time, you will become more connected to the ministries of FUM and, more importantly, those for whom you pray might feel the power of your prayers. May God richly bless you during your prayer times as you intercede on the behalf of the ministry of Friends United Meeting.

Quaker Life

Quaker Life is the premier publication of Friends United Meeting. Bringing together voices from across North America, East Africa, the Caribbean and Middle East, Quaker Life is truly a source of unity. In its pages, you will find the compelling narrative, theology, poetry and reflection of a great people being gathered in the widest diversity of settings imaginable, finding unity in the love and power of the Lord Jesus.

Check out the current issue of Quaker Life right now. It’s free to read on the website, and we welcome your comments! Digital and paper subscriptions are also available, with beautiful design and enhanced content.



FUM Connections

FUM is building awareness and caring links among our local congregations through a monthly publication called Connections.  Check out our latest edition:

June 2015 – Living Letters
May 2015 – Equipping Friends for Pastoral Ministry
April 2015 – Spiritual Excitement in Samburu
March 2015 – A Place to Play
February 2015 – Educating the Whole Person
January 2015 – Building Peace

Alternative Gift Catalog

FUM Alternative  Gift Catalog
The FUM Alternative Gift Catalog gives us an opportunity to give gifts that truly make an impact in the lives of others.

Christ’s powerful presence energizes the work of Friends United Meeting. Together we are energizing, equipping, connecting the Body of Christ.

FUM Triennial 2014 Minutes

Were you at FUM Triennial 2014? In addition to gathering for times of worship, learning, and sharing, we also made some decisions together. The minutes of these sessions are now online. Click here to download the full minutes from FUM’s 2014 Triennial sessions!

Welcome Center in Richmond, Indiana

Located at the North American offices of Friends United Meeting, the Welcome Center is a meeting space for local groups or regional gatherings. To learn more about our facilities and pricing, read more.

YM Directory

Friends United Meeting is a worldwide Christian association of 30 yearly meetings. For more information about these bodies of Friends, check out our directory of yearly meetings.

Partnering in Stewardship with Everence

Everence Logo
In partnership with Friends United Meeting, Everence helps people integrate their faith with their financial decisions. We provide stewardship education materials and experiences, unique financial services rooted in faith, and ways to be more generous to the causes you believe in. Learn more about how we all do better together by being part of this community of stewardship.