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Support Robert Wafula as Principal to Friends Theological College

Read the latest letter from Robert, and check out the most recent update on the status of our support-raising efforts.

We are beginning something new at FUM,

something that works well for other sending organizations – pledges/faith promises. Friends United Meeting has
 not typically structured field staff support according to a pledge model, but we believe this is a critical shift toward responsibly and sustainably maintaining our field staff and empowering their ministries. We will still accept one-time gifts, but our emphasis will be on recruiting a “full load” of pledges before Robert departs for Kaimosi.

Here’s how this works:

1. Choose an amount that you believe God is equipping you to commit to Robert Wafula’s ministry over the next 3 years.
2. Click here and pledge that amount online (hint: select “I want to make a recurring donation every month” – it’s much easier) and send it back to FUM.
3. If you’ve signed up for recurring donation, you’re done. 
It’s that easy.
4. Of course, if you didn’t sign up for auto-withdrawal, 
you’ll need to remember to send in your pledge. We’ll remind you if you forget, but it’s much easier for you and for us if you make it automatic.

Which is your book?We encourage you to join us in showing solid, consistent support for Robert Wafula with a monthly pledge. We are looking for:

• 10 people to give $200 per month
• 20 people to give $100 per month
• 30 people to give $50 per month

• 70 people to give $10 per month

Which book is your book?
 How much will you pledge to 
get Robert to Kenya? 
We’ve built this “tower of 
books” to help visualize 
the community 
of support Robert 
Wafula needs for his
 ministry. Each book in this tower represents one pledge toward Robert’s ministry – the thicker the book, the larger the pledge. When all the ‘books’ have been pledged, Robert can begin his work at FTC! Which size book will you choose? Keep checking on the FUM website to watch this tower of support grow.

Spread the word with this 8X11 poster!