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Scripture for Living: Prayer

By Meshack Musindi

I have found a wonderful and powerful prayer. My faith’s experi­ence has found that when Quakers gather in meetings, committees, and when solving issues, their prayer will always be, “May thy will be done.”

May thy will be done.” What a wonderful, powerful prayer! It is a wonder working prayer that has been a big challenge to the life of prayer warriors.

It is the prayer of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that the will of God only should be requested as, “May thy will be done.”

May thy will be done,” is the prayer to be made through our Lord Jesus Christ.

May thy will be done,” is the model of prayer our Lord Jesus Christ taught his disciples. This prayer is the only and true way to communicate with our Lord as we humble ourselves in adoration before Him.

As we pray, “May thy will be done,” we can be assured he has the power and control over everything he created. Therefore we, as his creation, shall always pray, “May thy will be done.”

May thy will be done.” Who can go against this kind of request to our Lord? Who can measure in power to him and who can claim control over our God’s will? Who can stop all these deaths, all the wars, famine, droughts, sicknesses, and all the disasters that are all over around the world without involving God’s will?

The prayer for the whole world should be and must be, “May thy will be done.”

When man is handicapped and in need he can to turn to our creator, God, for remedy in prayer. When we are being counseled, when ministry seems unbearable, when it seems that our Lord is not listening to our prayers and we have none to turn to; there is no one but God. “May thy will be done,” is the prayer for those who are bereaved. “May thy will be done,” is a prayer that uplifts and provides comfort.

Therefore the prayer for ministers everywhere is, “May thy will be done.”

Quakers all over the world believe they are one in spirit, and whenever they ask God for his will they always say, “May thy will be done.” Quakers do believe it will be done as requested.
Once we understand what prayer is and what part it plays in our lives then, “May thy will be done,” will always be our prayer.

What comfort, how relieving it is, what encouragement and strength one re­ceives when one is engaged in deep spiritual prayer of pouring out one’s soul to the Lord and committing one’s whole life in a sincere prayer of allowing God’s will to be done. The prayer of our Lord Jesus Christ to his followers was simple and clear, “May thy will be done,” and it should be ours also.

Meshack Musindi is the Dean of Students at Friends Theological Center. He is married to Lydia Musindi who has been helping as a matron at Kakamega USFW Orphans Center since January. They have four children: two boys and two girls, Sammy, James, Repher and Mercy. Repher is working in a super-market in Nairobi. Sammy is training in automobile engineer­ing. James has just finished his fourth form and Mercy, the youngest, is doing her form two.