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Following a discernment trip to Belize, and a year of traveling among Friends in the U.S. to raise awareness about the Friends Boys School, Sam and Becky Barber, along with their four children, Robert, Katie, Kristy and Kassie, moved from their home in Iowa to Belize. Sam and Becky are the new principals of FBS and are eager to work with the youth in Belize City to provide quality education and life skills, helping these young men succeed with their schooling and become attractive candidates in the work force.

The Barbers hope to influence the boys by modeling a good Christian family, as well as to encourage parental involvement in the school as much as possible. Foremost, the Barbers want students to experience hope, to feel loved and to recognize the possibilities their futures hold. Establishing a worship group and, in time, a church is also among their goals.

The Barber family recognizes their need for support, both financial and through prayer. In their words, “It is through God’s grace that we can do the work we are called to do. Your participation is needed and we pray that you will be faithful to the nudge of the Spirit that asks you to give.”

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