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Summer Mission Project 2013


Dear Friends,

As you may know, Friends around the world joined together to pray for peaceful elections in Kenya. Those prayers, alongside the faithful presence and witness of Friends in the country, helped minimize violence and promoted peace and reconciliation in many places. As a result, hopeful signs of change are emerging. Can continual peacemaking efforts strengthen and expand the influence of the next generation of Friends?

The 2013 Summer Mission Project pursues peacemaking by supporting the 1200+ Quaker schools in Kenya. Through this endeavor, FUM hopes to nurture a new generation of young people committed to peace and Friends values through the work of Zadock Malesi, a specialist in the field of education who serves as a liaison between FUM and all of the Quaker schools in Kenya.

Zadock’s primary focus is leadership development, training of administrators and teachers in order to promote Quaker faith and testimonies in the school curriculum. He desires to see the development and implementation of the peace curriculum in all the schools of Kenya as he feels it will make a direct and vital impact on many lives.

Imagine the impact of biblical peacemaking, practical tools and training for conflict resolution taught to thousands of children across Kenya! What differences might peace-making skills create in the classroom, in the lives of families, in neighborhoods and across tribal lines? Imagine Christian-Quaker values formed into the lives of the next generation of leaders, business people and community members. As one Kenyan Friend said at an FUM event, “This is one of the most important projects FUM is doing in our country right now!”

FUM’s Summer Mission goal is to raise $20,000 to support Zadock’s work in these schools. Last year we built classrooms. This year let’s build the future!

Download our Summer Mission appeal letter and poster to let others know about this exciting new initiative!

  • Constance Flowers

    I will like to help any kind of people no matter what kind, of condecions they are going they are having. I am not the kind of person who laughs at them because I have went in a bad part of my life to. But now my life is better. I will hope that I could be a part of this. Because I don’t like to see people struggle I hope Ican make a difference an people life’s and also minds. Thank you ConstanceFlowers

  • sida yubu

    God bless u