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The Ministry of Quaker Publications

By Emma Condori-Mamani Quaker Life intern, Emma Condori Mamani, interviewed former FUM General Secretary Sylvia Graves, current FUM General Secretary Colin Saxton, Western Friend Editor Kathy Hyzy and Friends JournalExecutive Director Gabriel Ehri about the unique role Quaker publications have in revitalizing the Quaker message. — Quaker Life magazine recently celebrated 50 years in publication with a commemorative issue that included background information on how Quaker…

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Simplicity: A Multiplicity of Meanings and Practices

By Emma Condori-Mamani, Quaker Life intern Quaker testimonies are summed up in the acronym SPICES: Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship. Friends give living meaning to each letter of this acronym. I recently spoke with five Friends to learn more about how we live the testimony of simplicity. Abigail Pratt-Harrington, Leigh Eason, Stephen Angell, Jestimore Musombi and Lois Jordan (left, from…

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