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Quaker Life - Mar/Apr 2012

Agatha Ganira, Providing Support for People Living with HIV/AIDS

By Seth Munson We met Agatha Ganira our first day volunteering at the Friends Hospital Kaimosi in Western Province, Kenya. Agatha’s friendly eyes and warm greeting put Emily and me at ease after we had spent two very long days in planes and airports on our way to East Africa from Colorado. As we stood with Agatha in front of…

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Lindi Friends School

Hope in the Ghetto

Hope in the Ghetto By John Muhanji, FUM Africa Ministries Director  Is there hope for anyone who lives in Kibera? If no hope is evident, why do people end up staying in such a hopeless place when they know the consequences? Why do we have an alarming increase of people living in the Kibera slums rather than a decrease? What…

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