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Dead Reckoning

By Randy Quate In the days of seafaring, long before today’s technology, the captains of ships that sailed the world were able to navigate the unpredictable and sometimes vicious sea with no radar, satellites or radios. These men could chart a course and find their way to a chosen port anywhere in the world. How did they do this? They…

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Highlights from the 2011 FUM Triennial

• 400 Friends from nine nations and 24 American states attended • USFWI/Quaker Men’s banquet with Field Staff Becky Barber and Belize Friends School teacher Miss Candi Young • Release of the 50th anniversary issue of Quaker Life magazine • Keynote Address by outgoing General Secretary Sylvia Graves and reception honoring her nearly six years on staff with FUM • Celebration of…

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Johnson Lecture July 29, 2011

Growing Up, Or Just Growing Old? Transformation through Maturation By Randy Quate I heard a story about a conversation in a retirement home. As several elderly people sat around a table, the subject of their ailments arose. One said, “I can hardly turn my neck, it’s so stiff.” Another said, “My eyesight is so bad I sometimes have trouble finding…

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