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The November FUM Ministry of the Month – Samburu

The November FUM Ministry of the Month* is Samburu.

Please support the Samburu Friends Mission with your daily prayers for:

1) Isaiah Bikokwa, Pastor-in-Charge, who coordinates the work of the Samburu Friends Mission.
2) East Africa Yearly Meeting-North as they have accepted the oversight of the Samburu Friends Mission.
3) Safety in travel and work for the nurses, teachers, and pastors serving in this area where bandits and tribal conflicts often threaten daily activities.
4) Adequate financial support to carry on the mission needs of a vehicle, health clinic supplies and equipment, and clean water resources.
5) Inspired leadership that will result in these mission goals getting accomplished: establishing a primary school, equipping the dispensary, and starting an adult literacy program.
6) Resources for Sammy Letoole, a Samburu native who is enrolled at Friends Theological College, so that he may prepare as a spiritual leader for his people.
7) The missions staff to be effective in transforming lives and gathering people into Christian fellowships.

FUM has a monthly goal of $2,000 to send to Samburu. All ministry expenses and salaries are paid by your donations toward the monthly goal. The Samburu people say, “Asante Sana!” (Thank you!)

*Each month through December 2012, we will focus on a different ministry of Friends United Meeting. This “Ministry of the Month” corresponds with the FUM wall calendar that is available for $15 from


2012 Chain of Prayer
January 1 to Pentecost Sunday, May 27

Friends United Meeting spans the world and is the people of Belize, Canada, Cuba,Jamaica, Kenya, Ramallah, Uganda, and the U.S. The theme for the 2011-2014 Triennium of Friends United Meeting is: A Great People to Be Gathered. One way Friends United Meeting can be gathered from all corners of the globe is through prayer. This year we challenge you to think about how you can be part of this great people called Friends United Meeting. Consider these options for your day in the Chain of Prayer:

• Invite Friends to sign up for individual or small group prayer times or organize a special prayer meeting on your day in the Chain of Prayer.
• Make it a priority to pray for the ministries of your own meeting, a partner meeting, and those of Friends United Meeting.
• Consider inviting an FUM staff member to come to your meeting and share what A Great People to Be Gathered means to him/her.
• Discuss how your support of the ministries of Friends United Meeting helps gather people into fellowships around the globe.
• Take up a special collection to help continue this good work.

Sign up for the Chain of Prayer online at or by calling (765) 962-7573. Email questions to Thank you for joining us in the 2012 Chain of Prayer!


Download the pdf of the November 2011 FOCUS

  • Haron burache

    I am a committed quarker and with vision to support the people with special needs and would like to be part of the group taking the Gospel in the towns where it has not been reached. I would like to invite the members of the fum to my local church to share with them their encounter. In our local communities we have so many orphans who needs held and i want to thank God for the FUM for having such programmes of which I to part of it. There are so many who are less fortunate in life that needs hope and through the efforts of FUM and other well wishers they can access schools, medical facilities and other essential commodities. I would like to be associated in such projects that I have seen from the focus. thanks and God bless you.