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The Secret Place

By J.W. Christopher

In the stillness, the solitude, I know you are waiting for me,
In the place where I most love to be.
My sanctuary, a secret place, a meeting place, a most special place,
The place where I know I am most free.

I find you there always, my true friend, and counselor,
And faithful to me you have been.
Your peace and your presence both give me assurance,
Completely my heart rests within.

Prayer is my secret place, a much holy and sacred space,
Where I know I am truly most known.
There I am released in you, deeply abandoned to you,
And in you I cry out alone.

I seek you and find you out in our secret place,
Where I feel my spirit takes flight.
Where you dine with me, talk with me, sup with me, even laugh with me,
Lasting long into the moonlit night.

To sit and speak with you, the privilege of even coming to you,
I know I can never repay.
To be with you, and worship you, to lose myself inside you,
That is the reason I pray.

You will always meet with me, never leave nor forsake me,
And in that I shall never despair.
I am glad for my secret place, the time to meet face to face,
With my God who forever is there.

The secret place invites me, calls me and summons me,
Heard with an ear that will hear.
There my God meets me, takes me and keeps me,
A sure refuge, the God who is near.

J.W. Christopher grew up in Arkansas, enjoying the outdoors, warm weather and polite southern hospitality. In 2005 he moved to Pennsylvania where he still lives today. He is happily married with a table full of wonderful children. He served as pastor for several years while earning a Master of Divinity. He currently serves as a guest speaker in various churches and prisons and is the author of Thoughts of a Modern-Day Sojourner, a book of devotions.