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Thoughts On Prayer

By Karen Taffe

“I’ll pray for you,” some people say,
And just hurry along their way.

Never giving a thought to the promise they make,
Their actions making their words seem fake.

But prayer is God’s language; we can’t comprehend
As we utter a wish or think of a friend.

He doesn’t want the empty words we think we are praying just right;
But what’s in our heart overflowing with joy, or despair in the stillness of night.

God hears our desire though no word is spoken,
And mends the turmoil in deep places broken.

We may speak it aloud and He gladly will hold us, protect and enfold us each day
But, we can be sure He is there and will hear even words we can’t make ourselves say.

If our thoughts are a curse, or anger toward others, it truly saddens His heart,
Yet because we belong to Him, He keeps and sets us apart.

He plants in our mind the seeds to repent, to strive to improve our behavior,
To understand His Truth and Life, to trust and obey our Savior.

The more we pray, the more we feel, and desire more to show Him;
The more He feeds, our souls rejoice, the better we will know Him!

Explanation: Prayer belongs to God. It comes in many forms. We should be thankful that we have this ability to speak to Him, and not be nonchalant about it with other people, but take it seriously — because He does. We should share anything with him, our disappointments, our anger, our fear, our joy. … It is the way we develop our relationship with Him. It isn’t about listening to our words, and platitudes, or saying something eloquent. It is about revealing our innermost being truthfully to Him, so that He can care for us. And it is about expressing our sincere thankfulness to Him for all he has done and will do, and all that He is.

Karen is inspired to write poetry as a response to prayer. She is a member of First Friends Meeting of Kokomo, Indiana, and is a R.N. with Community How­ard Regional Services of Kokomo, Indiana. She and her husband, Dave, are very musically inclined and have passed their love for music down to four daughters. They, in turn, have passed that musical giftedness to their own children.