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Turkana Friends Mission

Turkana Friends Missionwas started in 1970 by Ersal and Dorothy Kindel and two students from Friends Theological College. Turkana, located in the northern part of Kenya, is a region familiar with hot temperatures, harsh winds, frequent droughts and limited resources for development. John Moru is pastor at Turkana Friends Mission.

Turkana Friends Mission


Achievements of the Mission in 2009:

  • Members were mobilized to make contributions to support the construction of a meetinghouse.
  • Leadership development — locals were trained to take responsibility of Friend’s church leadership in terms of Quaker faith and practice procedures.
  • Sponsorship to promote girl-child education — six girls are currently in the sponsorship program and more than 20 girls have benefited from these programs since 1997.
  • Lokoyo hand pump was repaired and it is in use by the community and school children.
  • We supported two students at Friends Theological College.

Needs of the Mission in 2010:

  • Our old vehicle is grounded — we need mobility for our director who coordinates mission work.
  • Water is life — all new areas and stations need water.
  • Our primary school needs a boarding facility — a dormitory for girls and boys to increase the enrollment in the schools.
  • Currently we have five units of rental housing and we need 15 more — these are income generating and help pay for staff salaries while creating a self-sustaining mission.
  • Health facilities for the needs of our members — mobile clinics or dispensaries in remote areas.