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Update on Robert Wafula Support Raising

Help us color this tower of books!

Help us color in these books!At the conclusion of Triennials, the monthly pledge total for Robert Wafula’s ministry account was at $1400, that’s $4800 less than is needed. It would be a great encouragement to students and faculty at Friends Theological College if Robert could be there at the beginning of the school year in late August. Can Robert count on you to be a supporter of his ministry? Will you pledge to support Robert Wafula and ultimately the students and faculty through Robert’s ministry with $200, $100, $50 or even $10 a month for the next three years?

Pledge now to support Robert J. Wafula’s ministry at Friends Theological College! The sooner the books are colored in, the sooner Robert can depart for Kaimosi. Can we get him there by September?

Pledge to Support Robert’s Ministry